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tumblr_lydm98pesx1qlwaf2What a weekend.  It came so fast and then finished even faster.  I accomplished very little.  I did take some photos of my gals for our Christmas card and practically froze in the process.  There has got to be something that I can do to get through this cold.  Any ideas?

tumblr_mvlhdvR53z1qcfbcdo1_500Every year I try to line up stuff to do during the winter and every year, the cold keeps me inside.  Even though we're about to get sub-zero temps, I'm sure some of you still go out there and get after it.  How do you do it?  How do you motivate yourself to go outside when everything is saying stay in?  I'd love to know what your guys have to say about the cold.  Until then, stay warm.



How much more can one person take??


Northeast SnowSo I'm officially depressed.  I live in one of the more coldest places in the world and I'm done.  I can't even think about anything else, I can't focus on anything else, I can't talk about anything else.  This weather has finally broke me.  So much so, that I am going to bring everyone down with me. ****The following images are horrifying. Viewer discretion is advised.****

tumblr_lg03trkf6p1qz4a77o1_r1_500stormwinter-storm-blizzard-verticle-carI"m sorry.