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the fresh perspective...


Cold, colder, coldest.

tumblr_lcazmsg4mb1qe8u4ko1_500_largeWe're practically flirting with her, trying not to let her win.  Trying not to let her win by wearing your light jacket or skipping out on a scarf/toque/gloves?  Pretending not to feel her when you go out first thing in the morning.  She's there, she's already waiting.

1354359243148366We play this game every year.  I know my part well.  It starts with denial.  I pretend she's not coming (I know she'll come, but I still play).  Then I say, "Not yet, I'm not ready for you yet.  Just wait!" (at this point, I know it's all for naught, but I still play).

34365-Ice-Cold-BranchesThen before I know it, we're together and it feels like it'll never end.  It feels like an eternity when the snow falls and all the temperatures drop.  It feels so intense when you're standing there in her presence and you feel your warm parts slowly cooling off.  In that moment I feel the utmost respect for her and realize that she is very serious.

tumblr_md1e8mZJA41qiis88o1_500-260-3630She is so serious she makes me reach for scarf/toque/gloves.  She makes we want to put on the thickest sweater and then curl into a blanket, next to a fire.  She makes we want to be close to others.  She makes me want hot, warm and comforting things.  She makes me love Christmas and winter wonderlands.

As much as we fight, we both need each other.  We need each other to play our parts properly.

That's the fresh perspective...