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Freshair Boutique is a hair salon with an eco-friendly edge. Our main goal is to help you to feel your best, and look your best, while doing the least damage possible to the earth and ourselves. We are a certified green business and have partnered with Green Circle Salons which enables us to recycle a large percentage of the waste that is produced when you receive a service here.

“This is the one salon I’ve been to where I always feel truly comfortable. Everyone is nice, always welcoming, and professional. When I call to make an appointment for a cut, I always ask for “Chloe or Maegan” because they’re both awesome and I could never choose. Plus, the salon smells good and they always offer coffee.”

-Jessica C.

“I came to Fresh Hair on the recommendation of a friend, hoping to find someone that would understand how to cut my curly hair and I was not disappointed!  Not only is Praise incredibly talented, but the atmosphere of the salon is so wonderful, and everyone was super friendly and warm. I left the salon an hour later feeling like I had made three new BFF’s!  They have an amazing staff with a wide variety of skill sets and services, I’m already looking forward to my next hair appointment!”

-Taylor H.

“Love this place! It is affordable, they keep the environment in mind and friendly staff! Always happy when I leave, and if you go on Thursdays you get to sip wine throughout your cut. Not much can beat that!”

-Melissa J.