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Freshair Boutique is a hair salon with an eco-friendly edge. Our main goal is to help you to feel your best, and look your best, while doing the least damage possible to the earth and ourselves. We are a certified green business and have partnered with Green Circle Salons which enables us to recycle a large percentage of the waste that is produced when you receive a service here.

“I walked in the door and was greeted warmly at reception. Such a pleasant start to an amazing experience I had my cut done by Kitty, who is a magical artistic genius. I was so pleased with the results I cried happy tears! I highly recommend this wonderful place!”

-Lisa L.

“I dont even go, cause I'm working and I usually have to get a ride for both of my daughters as we live across the city. When I get home and see my daughter's hair and how they are modeling in the mirror just makes me realize how much they love when Praise does their hair. She treats my kids with respect and love almost like a family member. I'm sure you will be doing their hair for life and I truly thank you and your staff for your courtesy and hard work.. 5 stars is not enough.”

-Corneille A.

“After flashing a quick picture and a pretty brief description of what has been done to my hair Olivia managed to cut and style my hair exactly how I wanted (even better than the original cut).
And it’s not just a great haircut (that would be enough!) but also all the staff is wonderful and friendly. ”

-Johanna G.



Through a blend of essential oils and detergent-free, naturally-derived cleansers, Hairstory offers a brand new way to get hair clean, eliminating the need for shampoo and conditioner forever – saving time, money and environmental waste.

We do carry a small inventory in store, however all products are available through our direct link below!