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Freshair Boutique

Dating ain’t easy, but this could help!


Hit up a patio and relax

  • There are some great patios around the city! To name a few, Cibo on Waterfront, Infernos, and The Roost rooftop patio… (Also, looking for more suggestions always)

  • Rumor’s Comedy Club

    • Hear me out - I know stand up comedy is not everybody’s jam but seriously… What’s a better way to loosen up a little bit than laughing your brains out to start out the night? Scope out their calendar to see who’s coming up in the near future, I’ve never had a bad time. I guess just double check your date is into it, as sometimes people get real uncomfortable.

  • Go for a bike ride

    • Even bike ride to a patio! Even better!

  • A romantic stroll through Leo Mol Garden

    • So cute. Casual stroll on a warm summer evening. Can’t go wrong! Even smarter? Start the walk off at Sargent Sundae and grab a treat for the walk.

  • Deluca’s cooking class

    • I personally have not done this, but have only heard great things. Good food, great company, perfect combo.


Hit up your fun friends for a double date

  • This is perfect at any stage of your relationship. If it’s early on it’s a great way to feel comfortable immediately since you’re paired with some of your close friends for the evening. And, they could also pump your tires a little bit which is a win.

  • Goldeyes Baseball Game

    • These games are so affordable and always a good time! Could be fun to go with a group of friends as well.

  • Movie in the park

    • A smart piece of advice is to check out the mosquito situation prior to committing to this. The last scenario you want to be in is getting really irritated to the point of crying because the bugs just won’t quit. (Maybe a little extreme, but hey, we all have our days).

That is my go to list for dates here in the city. I hope it helps! If you have suggestions or other go to creative ideas, leave a comment! Whether it’s a first date or a 50th date, we all need to spend some time with the ones we love…or just like ;).


The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique

Long weekend weddings. We all have an opinion. Maybe you’ve been to one, maybe you’ve had one. Either way, there’s no denying that the feelings are mixed.

It is perfectly understandable for a couple to want to keep their wedding to a smaller budget. Having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday will often be a cheaper option at certain venues. On top of this, you are probably more likely to get your desired date at said venue on shorter notice if you aren’t set on a Saturday wedding. Another bonus can be that it makes it easier for people who are traveling to spend more time with their family and friends. All valid reasons.


On the other hand, as a guest, this can be cause to roll your eyes when you open that invite. A long weekend is precious real estate in the summer. You get an extra day to plan that camping trip or lake weekend. Having an obligation that keeps you from leaving home can feel like a big sacrifice. It’s understandable that not everyone will be happy about this.


Ultimately, if it’s your wedding, do your thang! Do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about anyone else. But keep in mind that people may be unable to attend or simply choose to RSVP no based on their own long weekend priorities. Don’t take it personally and enjoy your day!