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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

If you are into music, I’m sure you have your own collection of summer tunes. Whether it’s just the songs that are playing on the radio all summer or some nostalgic playlist from summers past, summer music is all about making you feel as good as the sun does!

Summer is supposed to be a happy time when we all get to indulge in the fun activities that we’re deprived of all winter. Naturally, this must come with a soundtrack. I definitely believe that many artists strategically release certain tracks for that exact purpose. I remember “I’ve Got a Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas coming out June 2009 and was easily the song of the summer. This can set a tone for good vibes every time it comes on, for the entire summer.

When it comes to music, nostalgia has a strong pull on how it makes us feel. It can be music your parents played on that summer road trip as a kid or the playlist you curated for all your friends when you graduated high school. Anytime those songs come on, you’re instantly brought back to that moment. When that memory comes with a blazing sun and happy feelings, that song can bring you summer vibes in the middle of January!

Whatever your motivation for summer tunes is, now’s the time to set the tone! The weather’s warmer and we’re spending more time outdoors. Start building that playlist now!

-that’s the fresh perspective…

The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique


I know there are some people that absolutely dread a camping trip, but if you have yet to at least give it a try - please do! I am a huge fan of camping and look forward to it every summer. It started out when I was young with family canoe and camping trips, and continued as a grew older with friends and loved ones.

Depending on the time of year and the level of camping you’re into, your needs with vary drastically. I always enjoy being comfortable, of course, however I like to make the trip as simple as possible by packing only necessities - not so extreme, but not like a glam camper, ya know?

Slightly less glam than this… ;)

Slightly less glam than this… ;)

My most recent camping trip was in Tulabi Falls. It was INCREDIBLE. Myself and a group of friends booked the back country camp site and trecked on in on a Friday afternoon. Let me tell you, if you book those back country sites, be prepared to walk about 2 km’s to your site. We didn’t plan for this and packed quite heavy so the struggle was real. But, the reward was totally worth it. These back country sites are right on the water. You can slip on in and cool off at any time, take a tube ride down to the falls and spend the day jumping off of the cliffs and hanging out by the rapids. If you’re not ready to brave the back country, book yourself a yurt. They are absolutely beautiful and are next on my list.


Some of the top places to check out would be Tulabi Falls, Spruce Woods, random islands on West Hawk Lake, or one very random spot a friend brought a group of us to off HWY 1.

My biggest advice for camping trips consist of the following list;

  • be open-minded

  • bring the strongest bug spray you can find

  • rubber boots are a great way to avoid poison ivy

  • practice your around the fire jam suggestions prior so you sound like a professional

  • don’t be afraid to get messy

  • leave your phone in the car

  • soak in and appreciate the nature


That sums up my camping blog! I could talk about it a lot so if you have questions or need suggestions, comment below!

-that’s the fresh perspective…

The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique

Long weekend weddings. We all have an opinion. Maybe you’ve been to one, maybe you’ve had one. Either way, there’s no denying that the feelings are mixed.

It is perfectly understandable for a couple to want to keep their wedding to a smaller budget. Having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday will often be a cheaper option at certain venues. On top of this, you are probably more likely to get your desired date at said venue on shorter notice if you aren’t set on a Saturday wedding. Another bonus can be that it makes it easier for people who are traveling to spend more time with their family and friends. All valid reasons.


On the other hand, as a guest, this can be cause to roll your eyes when you open that invite. A long weekend is precious real estate in the summer. You get an extra day to plan that camping trip or lake weekend. Having an obligation that keeps you from leaving home can feel like a big sacrifice. It’s understandable that not everyone will be happy about this.


Ultimately, if it’s your wedding, do your thang! Do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about anyone else. But keep in mind that people may be unable to attend or simply choose to RSVP no based on their own long weekend priorities. Don’t take it personally and enjoy your day!