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The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique


Springtime in Manitoba can be tricky. There are cold days mashed between hot days and rain, rain, rain peppered in between. It’s difficult to look stylish when the temperature can change on a dime. In order to maintain a semblance of style, I make sure I am prepared. I hate being cold and sometimes struggle with looking fresh AND keeping warm. Here are a few tips to help you traverse our sloppy season with pizazz.

1) Layer up. an oversized coat or jean jacket is a nice topper in case there is wind.

2) Thick sole sneakers, heels or shoes. if there are puddles or wet spots on your commute, you can stay above.

3) Hat/toque always. the best way to add a little quirk to your kit, control your core temp or cover a bad hair day!

4) Waterproof coat. when you can’t afford to get wet. To be really effective, include an umbrella.

5) Pastel palette. light colors and light weights allow for a ‘springtime’ look.

The reality is that we still have a few months before we can really enjoy the heat. The unstable temperatures will eventually settle down and we’ll be on our way to July and pool parties and BBQ’s. Until then, stay dry and stay warm.

— that’s the fresh perspective…

the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

How much is too much?

Springtime in Winnipeg is usually a mish mash of warmth and chills. Because of this, most of us are conflicted with how much skin to show. My rule is, if there are blades of green grass on the ground, my toes will come out. If there is sun and the temperature is plus anything (during the month of March) my legs will come out.

As soon as March hits, I start watching my temperature app and decide accordingly. I drive to and from work, so I believe that makes it easier for me to justify flashing my leg skin. Just so you know, my rule would change is I was a bus taker or a walker.

The front of the shop allows us to see all kinds of people walking by with their dogs, lattes and shopping bags. Many people seem to start showing skin as soon as the temperature climbs a little. I have already seen my fair share of legs and TOES! Yes, TOES! There has even been a few feet in sandals in the shop these past few weeks!

So, throw caution to the wind, or your pants/shoes to the wind. Spring is here! Is it staying? Any Winnipegger knows that is the question for the ages… Now excuse me whilst I lotion up my gams…

That’s the fresh perspective…

The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique

Let’s just be NICE.

A New Year can be looked at as a way to start fresh or gain a new outlook. Sometimes, all the things that are happening in this world can really start to weigh you down. They can make you feel like there's few good, genuinely nice people left. BUT, let me stop you there! Take a minute to think about how many amazing people that are in your life, or people you've spent time with throughout your life. Or even how many times a stranger has done something so small, but made you smile.

Let's make a point of being nice, friendly people. If something happens to you where you feel angry, take a minute to think about it and realize it's not worth wasting your energy over. For example, how many times when driving do you feel anger creep up on you when someone cuts you off or is driving 20 kms under the speed limit? (Or, is that just me...). It's not worth wasting energy on things you cannot control. Maybe that driver is having a bad day. You just never know what's going on in someone else's life. Being nice to that stranger, friend, family member, may just make the biggest difference in their day.


A new thing I am looking forward to trying out is random acts of kindness. I want to buy the coffees for the car behind me in a drive thru, send flowers to my mom just to say thank you, I want to donate to a shelter and help those in need.

Let’s make the world a better place, one random act of kindness at a time!

-that’s the fresh perspective…