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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Do you costume?


Halloween! It’s coming!! So what are your plans? Do you have a costume already lined up? Do you hand out candy? Are you like me and do nothing? Yup, I don’t Halloween. I just eat the candy.

My parents immigrated to Canada when I was five years old. They could never get behind the concept of Halloween and trick or treating. They didn’t understand why anyone would go door to door asking for candy. Strangers essentially, giving your small child a treat! But before all of this can happen, you need to dress up in a costume (anything actually) to ring the bells of the treat givers and demand your booty! They thought it was quite rude and strongly discouraged us. Actually, they just said, ‘No! You’re not going door to door asking for candy from strangers dressed up as someone else! No!’ Case closed.


Now that I am not five years old and have children of my own, I’m faced with all the questions about why I don’t dress up. Everyone always seems to feel bad for my kids. Like they are missing out on some integral part of being a North American child! I grew up here, didn’t trick or treat , and I had a fantastic childhood. It’s possible! You don’t need to trick or treat to know how great of a place Canada is to live.


So my kids don’t trick or treat, but they dress up for school. They get a boatload of candy from their father and I, not to mention the stuff they bring home from school. They celebrate Halloween even though I don’t and it’s fine. Will I dress up for my shift if it falls on Halloween? Don’t count on it, but I will eat the candy!

That’s the fresh perspective…

The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Lash Extensions!

So this service is really a big hit and has continued to grow exponentially since it’s conception! I gave it a try last year with the intentions of doing it for an event and then I got hooked! One whole year later I was still going for fills and enjoying the look.

I’m about to go on holidays and I am really contemplating going for another round. The lashes, for the most part, are pretty great but there are a few things that I believe you should be aware of before going in. I found this list of reasons to get lash extensions and yes, the points are totally valid but the list includes no cons.

That’s why I will give you the 411. Here goes…

Here are our personal top 10 reasons why you should seriously consider getting eyelash extensions.**

  1. They will enhance the look of your natural lashes. Check out the amazing difference of the before and after pictures. The really open up the eyes and make them more noticeable.

  2. More dramatic then mascara but less dramatic then strip lashes. You can always go more (volume lashes) if that’s the look you are after.

  3. You wake up looking stunning, every day without effort! Brush your lashes and out the door.

  4. Saves money! No more mascara required. You might even find you don’t need to wear any eye makeup at all. Saving more money!

  5. Saves time! Speeds up your morning and night time routine.

  6. No more mascara clumping, getting mascara on your nose, eyelid or other random places it seems to get. No more drying out your natural eyelashes causing breakages. No more panda eyes, mascara running and smudging under your eyes.

  7. Great for people with sensitive eyes. The fewer products around the eye area the better. Also great for people with contacts or glasses.

  8. Great for the travellers. All your holiday pictures and selfies will look amazing and your eyelash extensions will last for the entire vacation.

  9. Great for special occasions, weddings or conferences.

  10. Great for the gym. Can sweat it up for hours at the gym and still have great looking lashes.

All these things are true but there is a decent amount of maintenance. I wasn’t a fan of the volume lashes but I did find that the classics were more me. About saving money, I’m not sure that is true. A tube of mascara can last me up to 2 months while a fill is around $90 and has to be done every month. Do the math and a year of lashes could be almost $1000 while the mascara could be around $300 for the year!

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the look but as a low maintenance lady, sometimes the effort of arranging your lashes or sleeping on your side face became annoying. Also, let me add that after a few appointments you do get used to the ‘work’.

I’m not sure I have been helpful, but I hope that maybe this can help you decide if you would like a set before the next wedding you’ve been invited to!

That’s the fresh perspective…

** List courtesy of Emphaseyes