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the fresh perspective...


Blah, blah, blah... tumblr_inline_mhrzb6YDWH1qz4rgpIt's official, we are expanding!  If you haven't been in the shop for a while, you should get in here before the summer ends.  We're going to be giving our shop a complete over haul.  It's funny, all I do (apart from making folks look good) is talk, talk, talk.  Sometimes I tell the same story to some clients cause I'm not sure who has heard what yet.  It's crazy.  On a busy day, I probably am talking for at least six hours!!

I find that talking about stuff helps me stay accountable and keeps me on my toes.  It's been so long that we have been talking about expanding and now that we are, I want to shout it from the roof tops!  I know I've been on here thanking everyone for all their support, and this, and that, and what-not, but I really need everyone to know that I am so grateful and happy that we are still around.  I'm so happy that we are still able to give everyone the service and care that we provide whenever our doors are open.

We want to be better and know that there are ways to grow and keep growing, but it's the support from all our family, friends, staff and most importantly the folks that patronize us on a daily basis.  Thanks to you clients that trust us with your hairs, and your colors.  Thanks for trusting our opinions on products.  Thanks for giving us a part of your hard-earned wages.  I know that some of our services and products are on the higher end, but thanks for understanding that phrase, 'you get what you pay for'.  We really want to go to the next level with our new expansion and we want all of you that walk in our shop to experience the new changes with us.

We were good before, but we are going to be better!  Clients: any advice you want to give us?  Please do!  We are here for you, and want you to enjoy yourselves.  I've said enough, I've said it all. Danke...

That's the fresh perspective...


the fresh perspective...


tumblr_lgxqm1twyq1qgukt1o1_500_largeToday is our last day of work and then we're off to holiday bliss!  We are excited, and quite deserving, of the next ten days.  Thanks to all of our clients.  It's all of you that make our jobs that much more incredible.  You guys, in your own way, bring us joy and happiness.  Not every time you come in its perfect, but you are grateful and we are appreciative.

iStock_000014693685XLargeI've been in this business for over 10 years!  That is incredible to me!  From all my clients who have grown with me, to all the fresh clients from Academy Road, my gratitude is immeasurable and completely genuine.  It is all for you and we are all grateful.  I don't think that you, the client, gets enough recognition.

stockjeffstylingAs the year comes to an end, we are forced to reflect on the past months and I haven't praised you enough!  I know many business have a 'client appreciation day' or a loyalty type thing going... We don't have that, but what we do have is our love, thanks and adoration (should we get that client loyalty thing?)...  You guys are one in a million and we love you very much.  You know who you are! :)

That's the fresh perspective...  See you next year!