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hey boys...


Chilly City I think that I thought that the worst was over and I was wrong.  The cold has taken me to new lows and now I'm counting down the days till I can wear no socks.  Yesterday was SOOOO awful, and as I loaded up my car with groceries and ran the cart back to it's shed, I instantly felt better when I realized that as cold as it was, I wasn't that cold!

I broke down last year and bought a proper parka.  I make sure that I ALWAYS keep the mittens in the parka's pocket and I purchased a jacket that came with a hood.  This was just in case I ever forgot my toque.  I also splurged on some leather Sorels.  The jig is up, I live in Winnipeg and even though spring is supposed to be springing, we all know we have about 3 more weeks of iciness before she arrives.

Until last year I never wanted a parka because I wanted to look stylish at all times... I don't know if it's my age, or what, but I'm over being cold.  Boys, there are great parkas out there that you can find that are stylish and function quite well.  Also, if you play your cards right and make your purchase now, you're sure to save up to 70% of the cost as most stores are preparing for their spring/summer fashions.

If you haven't made the switch to a proper parka and you live in Manitoba, all the best to you...