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Freshair Boutique

You’re probably all desperate to find out what all of us here at Freshair LOVE about the holidays… So, ask no more. We’ve got all our favourite parts listed right here!


Kitty: “Waking up & going to my stocking to see what Santa left… Also pouring a coffee with Baileys & Boney M.”

Kiah: “Listening to vinyl with my family and taking turns choosing the tunes!”

Danika: “I like Starbucks holiday drinks. hehe… And spending time with family or whatever.”


Niasha: “Having the whole family together and eating ALL the food and baking.”

Olivia: “All the nostalgia! Bing Crosby, Home Alone, Shortbread cookies, all the good, cozy feelings.”

Chelsea: “Everyone’s jolly Christmas ‘spirit’!! Christmas music, being with all my loved ones and looking back on the past year and looking forward to the next. Oh the memories!”

Praise: “I like to eat, drink & make merry! We watch a lot of sports and stuff our faces with random foods that I make.”

Leah: “Getting together with family & friends and letting good times flow with endless food and bevs! Watching my nieces & nephew have the time of their lives on Christmas morning always makes my heart melt




I hope everyone had a restful weekend and accomplished all that they set out to do.   I re-did the storage closet on Saturday night and only had to get rid of one bag!  I've done very well in keeping it clean so it turned out to be an easy task.  I think cleaning it out every three months will keep it from getting to full...

I decided that for the month of November I'll try not to use the microwave at all.  I just want to see how realistic this is for me.   Not that there is anything wrong with using the microwave, but I had heard that a sick man was told not to use one , on doctors orders.  That got me to thinking, why do they (Dr's and such) only tell us what's bad to use AFTER we've gotten sick.  Why won't this guy tell his regular patients that their microwave could be harmful?

Now, maybe it isn't harmful at all and maybe when the first models were being used they were dangerous.  Now, not so much.  If you have any information about the pros/cons of using this machine, please let me know.  I will carry on with my 30 day challenge and hopefully if y'all hear anything or know anything please let me know!


P.S.  Can you believe this snow??  I mean, I knew it was coming but some how am now feeling very unprepared...