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the fresh perspective...


Long, longer, longest... hair2We are now offering Hotheads extensions at the shop now folks!  Extensions are a fun way to change-up your look!  The specific brand we are promoting right now is ultra gentle, easy to take in and out, and won't keep you at the shop for 6 hours!

tumblr_mjqtorETBA1qkv30do1_500Listen to this!  From now, till the end of the year, we will take up to $100 off the service so you can have a try.  The hair comes in 4 different lengths and is 100% Human Remy hair.  You can use them for up to a year and they come in pretty much every possible color.  There is an option for us ladies that have course thick hair as well.


One of our stylists had them in for two weeks because she wanted super long hair for a wedding she was in.  They looked great and held curl better than her own hair.  That's another benefit to extensions.  They can hold a curl better than the hair that grows out of your head for the most part.  They are a bit of an investment up front, but because they last a year, you can use them again and again.

We would love for any of you to try them.  What you need to do is to book a consult first so that we can pick a shade that is best suited to you.  On the day of the consult, we would book your appointment, it's a quick installation (under 3 hours) and boom!  Your hairs are longer!  This is a great deal for anyone who is curious or interested in trying something a little longer.  Book a consult and see if Hotheads could work for you!  Just ask to see Olivia, she's the lady with the goods!  That's the fresh perspective...



the fresh perspective...



Wowee!  I can't believe that it's been four years!  It's been an unbelievable experience and I couldn't have made it to this point without all the wonderful ladies that work with me everyday!

CHRISTIE (manager)

This woman is an incredible person and I feel lucky to be exposed to her persona on a daily basis.  If you could spend some serious time with Christie I think it would quicken you to want to be a better person.  She just has this way about her that makes you want MORE.  I know she is an integral reason in the way we've grown over the past years.  Christie, you inspire me to grow because you make me want MORE for the shop, and the clients that visit us, and the staff that work here.  I love you.

TESSA (receptionist)

You really got the hang of the receptionist gig at Freshair and I applaud your quick learning skills.  It isn't easy to do all you do for us, and then you do more.  Remeber sitting in my chair as a young lady?  Now you are ringing our clients through.  You've really come into yourself in these past few months and I'm glad that I got to see you blossom.  You are a gem Tessa and I'm glad you've stuck with me for this long... I love you.

AMY (stylist)

Amy Michelle.... Amy Michelle.  You've known me the longest on a personal level and I just want you to know that whatever you do, and wherever you go in life, I will always be somewhere close by.  It would take hell and high water for you to get rid of me.  I just need you to know that.  You are a permanent fixture in my life from now till whenever we cease to exist.  You are loved by me.

ANDRÉE (stylist)

You have brought something into Freshair that is remarkable.  Amidst all of our silliness and frivolity you bring a gentle nurturing.  It sounds so cliché Andrée, but it is the honest truth.  Your love for life, and your simplicity and patience, are something that I truly admire and I know that one day you will be something of importance to many people.  For one, you are someone of importance to me.   Je prends le temps de réfléchir davantage. C'est ce que vous avez fait. Je t'aime.  Merci, merci, merci.

CHLOE (stylist)

My young assistant turned stylist.  Look at you!  Look! You warm my heart in the most sincere way.  I love you and I don't think you even know how much.  I wish there was another way to express it and another way to show you.  You make me proud everyday Chloe.  Please don't change too much as you grow into a woman.  The world needs your type of casualness, we all do...

OLIVIA (stylist)

You are a new member and I hope that you can feel like you made a good decision joining our team.  I feel like we couldn't have filled that chair with a better lady.  I'm hoping that the upcoming years will lead you into more of a fulfilling position with us and you will have all your heart desires.  With your type of drive and ambition, I believe you can do anything.  It sounds cheesy but I'm in your corner.  Don't forget that.

HEATHER (Aesthetician)

You saved us Heather!  I knew you were out there and I didn't want to give up looking.  I'm elated that you chose us to take this journey with.  In your interview you shared with me some of your hopes, dreams and goals.  I want Freshair to be able to help you get there.  It's been only a few weeks, but what I've seen has given me so much confidence in you! Welcome! I hope you like it here!


NEW CREW...(sans Heather)

Jacqui, Crystal, Brittany, Lisa, Maegan, Ashley, Emmanuel, Pascale, Renée, Rochelle, Choice, Jill, and Rhema (I hope I got everyone, if not, I'm so sorry).  All of you have worked at Freshair at one point or another and some of you still do (sort of).  Don't you even think for a second that I forgot about you guys!  For many reasons you are no longer a part of the staff, but in my heart, you are always part of my team.  I appreciate you guys and hope for the best for each and every one of you.  For you guys? A haiku...


I'm proud, I'm pleased, we made it another year.  Thanks to all of you that support us as well.  From suppliers to clients, and even all of you on the inter-web, I am eternally grateful!


That's the fresh perspective...

Photos: Brittany Hildebrandt Photography, Tristan Fast Photography, and 26 Merton Road