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the fresh perspective...


A new day, a new chance. 7707981858_4aa5f3e666_b

Something about the New year really gets me excited.  I mean, I do LOVE Christmas (it's my fave holiday) but resolutions remind me of new beginnings and new starts.  Promises to myself to try to be better, and to set goals.  New years make me think of new days and how every new day gives us another chance.

Jesse Matas of Riding Mountain National Park skates on the smooth-as-glass ice covering Clear Lake in the Park on a sunny and warm Monday afternoon. Matas skated across the lake to the townsite of Wasagaming and back again. The lack of snow so far this year has created a rare opportunity for winter enthusiasts to enjoy the clear ice.

I'm often asked how I do it, or how I keep it together?  I try to get a good sleep and I wait for the next day.  Have you ever seen a prairie sun rise?  It's incredible.  It's very inspiring.  It makes you feel----I can't describe it.  You need to see one to understand.   The morning sun shows us the newness of the day on an expanse of field till your eyes can see nothing but the horizon.  That act of the 'sun coming up' has a way of dissolving the drama from the day before it.


We just finished conducting a questionnaire about how Freshair Boutique can be better and I would like to thank all the clients that participated in this effort to help us grow and be a staple in the community.  We are turning 6 this year and every single new day has brought us to this point. We are happy to have another chance to help you with all your hair needs and nail needs and fashion needs and, you know where this is going...

That's the fresh perspective...

the fresh perspective...


Let the Holiday Games begin! tumblr_ngmvghy3pp1tn6jtno1_500December is the last month of the year.  It's the month of chaos for its first 23 days.  It's cold, and then it slips into the Holidays and BOOM Happy 2016!!!  As fast as we prepared is as fast as it's over.  Are you ready for the holiday madness?

tumblr_lbcfssPGaz1qdv8q2o1_500I spent some of last night preparing the store for all the holidays.  We are almost ready.  We have some new rings and necklaces from Alberta and some new bangles from Baleen.  There are a few new stationary items and products, products, products!  We have something for everyone.  Really.  We do.

tumblr_ksfanhtnxu1qa5ahvo1_500_large1If you haven't started your holiday consuming, come check us out. ;)   Don't forget to stay in touch for our deals and extended hours in December!  We are on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  That's the fresh perspective...