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Those skin products everyone needs....


With it being the start of a new year, people start changing different things about their daily routine, eating habits, or just habits in general. So why not start the new year off right with a great skin cleaning routine! As an esthetician, I feel that there are certain products every girl needs to help get their skin feeling amazing. I stick to 3 things: a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. These 3 things have helped keep my skin feeling clean and refreshed while looking great.

At the end of the day.... everyone has a different skin type. Products that work for me or your friend may not be the right products for your skin, it's always best to talk to a professional and figure out what will work best for you!


Cleanser: Best used twice a day, morning and evening. Cleansers are a great way to clean the skin from makeup and impurities. Cleansing helps remove access oil and gives a refreshing feel to the skin. I change up my cleansers every couple of months or even a every couple weeks, your skin gets used to the same products being used on a regular basis and you won't see the same benefits over time. I love using a scrub cleanser because it's also removing dead skin and keeps my pores unclogged. Also, by not removing your makeup at the end of the day.... you're clogging pores and aging your skin more than it needs too.

Toner: They're great for smoothing and hydrating the skin, as well as a great way to prep the skin for a moisturizer. Everyone has a different skin type, so trying to find one that works for you can be tricky. But once you do, you'll enjoy the benefits of having it. I use a tea tree toner, it helps keep breakouts at bay. I highly suggest staying away from any toners containing alcohol or strong fragrances as it can be drying and irritating on sensitive skin types.

Moisturizer: A great way to finish up your skin regime. Depending on the type of moisturizer you get, you may need to use it during the daytime vs the night. Any moisturizers containing SPF of any kind will help shield your skin from UV rays; they'll be beneficial to use during the day, I would recommend using a different moisturizer in the evening. Sometimes I find that moisturizers are too heavy or give me an oily complexion throughout the day, so I just use mine after my cleaning routine in the evening.

And a little side tip if you didn't already know..... Drinking lots of water is a great plus for you skin!


Let's go back


the_cosby_show It is Black History month.  I'd like to mention one of my favorite T.V. families.  Even though Bill Cosby's current state on earth is quite negative, I would like to pay tribute to The Cosby show.


I loved Claire Huxtable.  I loved her relationship with Cliff and I especially loved Denise.  Lisa Bonet's character basically shaped my teens.  I owe my fearlessness in fashion to her. Her hair and fashion were so unique and original in the early nineties. tumblr_lrhrcpfC171qfdxpto1_500They don't make T.V. like they used to.  Whenever I watch past episodes with my young people, I'm taken back to a time when things were simple.  No internet, no cell phones.  Social media meant watching T.V. or a movie with a group of people.  The only people who 'liked' you, you actually knew them personally.

Cosby kids now

What takes you back?


the fresh perspective...


Protect Yourself. shanghaiSummer is officially here!  What are your plans to keep the sun from frying you up?  It's one thing to protect your skin, but what about your hair?  I recommend thing likes hats or scarves.  Anything to keep your hair from the sun's rays especially before 1 in the afternoon (the sun's heat is more damaging in the morning than in the afternoon).


tumblr_m09sz3xtha1qbiu5fo1_500Don't forget to protect your locks with products that contain SPF.  We have a variety of products that can protect your hair.  Kevin Murphy is stocked with young again, anti-gravity, damage manager, and hair resort spray.  One of these should be able to take care of your lovely locks.

tumblr_m4jhg2KoTK1qfp5jso1_500So while you're out in the sun soaking it up, protect your skin AND your hair! That's the fresh perspective...