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Let's go back


the_cosby_show It is Black History month.  I'd like to mention one of my favorite T.V. families.  Even though Bill Cosby's current state on earth is quite negative, I would like to pay tribute to The Cosby show.


I loved Claire Huxtable.  I loved her relationship with Cliff and I especially loved Denise.  Lisa Bonet's character basically shaped my teens.  I owe my fearlessness in fashion to her. Her hair and fashion were so unique and original in the early nineties. tumblr_lrhrcpfC171qfdxpto1_500They don't make T.V. like they used to.  Whenever I watch past episodes with my young people, I'm taken back to a time when things were simple.  No internet, no cell phones.  Social media meant watching T.V. or a movie with a group of people.  The only people who 'liked' you, you actually knew them personally.

Cosby kids now

What takes you back?