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the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique




Flow hair care is the best product line we have found that delivers on all the levels of performance and sustainability.  This styling and wet line is manufactured in a LEED Silver certified facility in Canada and is completely sustainable.  Utilizing water from their own aquifer, Flow purifies this water and converts it to a pharmaceutical grade level.  This rejuvenated water is the leading ingredient in all of their products and sets your hair up for success with the most purified h2o available.  That, coupled with the fact that this line has caused no damage to the earth, make this line a winner in our books!

Oh yah, we forgot to tell you how awesome it makes your hair feel!  Next time you're in, ask for a sample of the 30 second treatment mask, it'll change your life.

That's it.


LiLash update...


So as promised this is my last post on the product LiLash.  I know that my lashes have grown and seem to be fuller but I'm not sure that I would buy this product again.  I ran out of the actual serum a few weeks ago but I think that's cause of the way the bottle is shaped (and I did put the serum on my brows as well). All in all, my lashes grew and seemed fuller.  My brows didn't change at all.  Some people swear by this product.  I had a lady tell me she had to cut her lashes with scissors, they were so long!  I experienced some itching and a bit of a dry eye at night but that was it.

Yeah, that's all I can say I guess.  Maybe try it? Maybe not?

photo 1 photo 2**By the way, my eyebrows are beefed up a bit....