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Get Stylish With Yo' Tuques!

Freshair Boutique

Tuques for the win! We can’t get enough. Even though we always want you to show off your luscious locks, sometimes you gotta throw a tuque on to complete the look you’re going for. Here are some of our favourites.


Annnnnnd…..just for fun:

Happy Monday, folks!


the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Important question: When is it time to revamp your fashion?

It's coming up to the busy holiday season followed by a BRAND NEW YEAR. If you're experiencing the following thoughts, you should perhaps consider switching things up.

  • Struggle on the daily to decide what to wear

  • You have more worn out items than fresh items

  • Your 'to-buy' list is 2 pages long

  • You wear the same thing to every event

  • You have things in your closet that you wore when you were 15


This doesn't mean you need to dish out all of your holiday savings to buy all new things for yourself. Here are some suggestions in regards to what you should make sure you have, and how you can make some improvements on a budget.

The Staple Items

  • The favourite denim

  • Basics (classic T, classic sweatshirt...etc.)

  • Cozy winter sweater

  • A “going out” top

  • Every day boot

  • Layering piece (tunic dress, over-sized vest, get creative!)


Invite a friend over (**IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure it’s someone who's style you're in to) and get them to take a peak in your closet. Sometimes all it takes is fresh eyes to put pieces together you never thought of! Try swapping some items with a close friend or head over to your favourite thrift store!

Start the New Year off with a freshened up closet. Get rid of the items just causing clutter and gift yourself a few new treats to put a little pep in your step :). You work hard, this season can get wild, so treat yo'self.

-the fresh perspective…