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Get Stylish With Yo' Tuques!

Freshair Boutique

Tuques for the win! We can’t get enough. Even though we always want you to show off your luscious locks, sometimes you gotta throw a tuque on to complete the look you’re going for. Here are some of our favourites.


Annnnnnd…..just for fun:

Happy Monday, folks!


Ashlie's Aesthetic


Coloured Brows

Love love loveeeeeee coloured eyebrows. It's a trend that I enjoy doing myself and all I use is eyeshadow that I have on hand.... AND there's soooo many options. Check 'em out!



87bb5d278ad8d4976ca947fc338fa466tumblr_m4bf6rdv5f1qdvl58 rainbow-eyebrows-bellanaija-may-2015003

Try them out yourself!