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TREATMENTS We're officially on the countdown to the holidays.  Every morning I wake up and anticipate my attire for the day.  I usually end up donning layers, upon layers because I love the way a fall kit goes.  I love the boots, cardigans and toques.  I love the tights and the corduroy.  I love the light film of cold that lingers in the air.

I don't like the dryness though!  Ugh!  My lips, my feet, my hair and hands... It's a trade-off I guess and I just want to prepare you all.

Treatments are the best way to keep your hairs condition during these dryer times.  You can and should definitely be booking them with any service you receive from now till March.  You can also double up and get a take home deep treatment that you can do on your own every two weeks or so.  How many times you do a 'home treatment' is something you should discuss with your stylist.  He/She would know the type of stress your hair may be under and can recommend a good schedule.

In regards to your nails (hands) and feet, you'll need to chat with your esthetician and get a recommendation here as well.  I know for me, I was told to use a scrub on my cuticles and a heavier lotion for the soles of my dry feet.  My feet are dry ALL the time so I use heavy lotion always (just a little FYI).

Regular manicures and pedicures will eliminate a lot of the guess work related to the maintenance of your dry extremities.  Getting these types of services on a regular basis will keep your cuticles under control, your callouses soft and your feet moisturized...

Treatments are just that...a treat meant for something specific.  Don't sell yourself short! While you're running around this month preparing for the impending snow and large family gatherings, think of your body and all it's dry, cracked and frizzy parts... Take good care, that's the fresh perspective...


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