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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

You see the warning signs everywhere. Tanning is bad. Yet there is still a strange pride in getting some color from the sun. Everyone is still lounging poolside to get that golden glow. What’s up with that?


We all know how dangerous the sun can be. It’s no secret that it leads to skin cancer, makes our skin age faster and can give us some nasty sun stroke. So why aren’t we taking it more seriously? People compare and compliment tan lines like that isn’t skin damage. You don’t necessarily need to burn to be harming your skin. Failing to hydrate when spending time in higher temperatures puts you at risk for sunstroke. If you’ve never experienced it, you’re lucky but not immune. It’s not fun.


Any sun exposure is risky. Sunscreen is crucial but you should still be reapplying often and trying to find some shade as much as possible. You can still cause damage on a cloudy day! Wear a hat and never stop chugging that H2O. Your tan isn’t worth your life or even a few wrinkles 20 years down the line. You can’t have tan lines with no tan! ;)


-that’s the fresh perspective…

The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique

Summer Skin Care REVAMP

So many things change from summer to winter, including your skins needs! As someone with very temperamental skin, I am very aware of how the added heat and sun affect my complexion; so over the years I’ve broken it down to a few things I change every spring time to make sure my skin is ready to see the sun.


There are some over-all product changes that I deem necessary for the new weather. This does not mean you have to rush out to the store and purchase a whole selection of new products. I always wait until I’ve finished whatever product I am using, but instead of repurchasing the same product, I choose a better suited summer alternative. (Changing out your skin care products one at a time instead of all together is also a good idea because if one of the products breaks you out or gives you a reaction you'll know which product is causing it right away.)


 When I’m looking to by a new product for summer, a good rule of thumb is you want the formula to be lighter than whatever you're using in the winter months. This especially goes for your facial cleanser and your moisturizer. Choosing a lighter moisturizer is quite straight forward, but with facial washes a light foaming cleanser is my personal favourite for summer skincare.


A second key factor to keeping your face looking fresh is keeping up with sun-protection. Sun protection should be a year-round part of everyone's skin care routine, but stakes are generally higher in the summer. I also have chatted with a few friends who refuse to wear facial sunscreen because it feels greasy, which I can totally understand, but looking for good facial sunscreens is a very important everyday step of maintaining your complexion. When shopping for a sunscreen find one just for the face that is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores! Quite a few tinted moisturizers have SPF in them, which is also a quick and easy way of getting your sun protection in!


One thing that I SWEAR by for my skin in the summer is being very strict about the cleanliness of my skin and everything that touches it. No, this does not mean you should wash your face a bunch of extra times a day because of sweat (over washing is unhealthy for you skin, twice a day is perfect ladies!). Instead, blot your skin or use a face mist when you feel the urge to prematurely wash. One obvious part of face cleanliness is touching your face with your hands, this is especially important in the summer because of the sweat from your hands can transfer bacteria directly onto your face. In the summer I clean my personal makeup brushes every week instead of bi-weekly like I do in winter. Bacteria love a warm place to live, so protect your face from what could be hanging out in your brushes! Pillow cases are also a silent killer when it comes to summer skin irritation. Changing your pillow cases regularly help keep your skin happy through the night!


Keeping your skin happy is as easy as making these little changes, so might as well show your skin some extra love this upcoming summer! You won’t regret it!


the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

How much is too much?

Springtime in Winnipeg is usually a mish mash of warmth and chills. Because of this, most of us are conflicted with how much skin to show. My rule is, if there are blades of green grass on the ground, my toes will come out. If there is sun and the temperature is plus anything (during the month of March) my legs will come out.

As soon as March hits, I start watching my temperature app and decide accordingly. I drive to and from work, so I believe that makes it easier for me to justify flashing my leg skin. Just so you know, my rule would change is I was a bus taker or a walker.

The front of the shop allows us to see all kinds of people walking by with their dogs, lattes and shopping bags. Many people seem to start showing skin as soon as the temperature climbs a little. I have already seen my fair share of legs and TOES! Yes, TOES! There has even been a few feet in sandals in the shop these past few weeks!

So, throw caution to the wind, or your pants/shoes to the wind. Spring is here! Is it staying? Any Winnipegger knows that is the question for the ages… Now excuse me whilst I lotion up my gams…

That’s the fresh perspective…