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the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

How to look ‘cute’ and stay warm. Is it possible?

Ahhh the age old question! Can comfort be formal? Well, well, well…. I’m going to say this. “it depends". What kind of function are you attending? Are you receiving an award? Are you just a bystander? Are you outside or inside?

This time of year, it’s hard to navigate -55 with a ‘cute look’. I believe that one can look ‘cute’ and still be warm and comfortable but it just takes some conscious effort. If you are wearing Sorels, maybe have a full face of make up and a kick ass up do? If you’re in a toque, maybe some sky high boots to balance it out?

As long as you’re going with a look, it’s all good! Toques, scarves and a well fitting winter parka or coat can always look sharp. If you are recieving some award or are an honorary guest at an event, as long as you are inside, you’re good! Anything goes when there are controlled temps!

That’s the fresh perspective…