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Hat guy


distressed_baseball_caps_for_men_or_women-p233432285654033932bwscw_400We all have one in our lives.  Hat guys are everywhere.  They either wear the same hat always, or change it depending on the occasion.  What does hat guys hair even look like?  Most of us do know that hat guy is probably follicly challenged.

tumblr_m53la3rQEn1qgx4kvIf you, hat guy, are reading this right now I urge you to give your hair and scalp some much-needed daylight/nightlight/any kind of exposure to the light.  It's not so great to keep your hair covered ALL the time.  It's not great for your hair and not great for your scalp.  In saying this, I am all for hat wearing!  I like how it can add a little something extra to your look.  I just think hats all day, everyday, are no good.

9FIFTY-Fitted-Braun-Leather-Hut-PH4099x60hk0109_LRGBaseball caps aren't the only kind of hat out there either.  If you must cover your head maybe try to branch out a little and try some other types of hats.  Just a thought.