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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Scrapbooking. Not just for Grandma.

When I was younger (tween-ish), I was pretty into scrapbooking. Those who know me now likely aren’t surprised to read this. I’ve always been really into papers, stationary, lettering, fancy pens…. you name it. Even now I could likely do a mini Michael’s pop up store in my home. Although I still love to craft, scrapbooking has left my realm of hobbies.


When sifting through the web for photos for this blog, I did feel a little urge of wanting to start. I think for me I would need more of a reason or something specific to document. If I were to have a baby I could see myself getting back into it - something you could gift to a loved one later in life. I once made one for my Grandparents, documenting our life experiences at the family cabin they purchased back in the 60’s. Creating a little capsule of memories of all of their kids and grandchildren growing up over the Summers spent out there was such an honor and felt like a very meaningful gift.


The style of scrapbook would be a lot different than what I did when I was younger. I would opt for more of a photo journal, possibly get a Polaroid camera for simplicity, and include more writing along with the photos and scraps. Love a good fresh notebook.

-that’s the fresh perspective…

The Fresh Perspective

Freshair Boutique

Check out our latest photo shoot! This time around we wanted to keep it fresh, green and all things Spring. Shelmerdines Greenhouse was kind enough to let us use their space one beautiful Sunday. The ever so talented Michelle Panting was behind the camera, and our lovely models Ruth, Sarah and Danika were our muse. Take a look through some of our favourites! They’ll be up around the salon within the next week!


What do you want to see more of? We’re always dreaming up new ideas for photo shoot inspiration, and would love to create something based on your interests! Comment or message if you’d like to see anything specific!


-the fresh perspective…