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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

You see the warning signs everywhere. Tanning is bad. Yet there is still a strange pride in getting some color from the sun. Everyone is still lounging poolside to get that golden glow. What’s up with that?


We all know how dangerous the sun can be. It’s no secret that it leads to skin cancer, makes our skin age faster and can give us some nasty sun stroke. So why aren’t we taking it more seriously? People compare and compliment tan lines like that isn’t skin damage. You don’t necessarily need to burn to be harming your skin. Failing to hydrate when spending time in higher temperatures puts you at risk for sunstroke. If you’ve never experienced it, you’re lucky but not immune. It’s not fun.


Any sun exposure is risky. Sunscreen is crucial but you should still be reapplying often and trying to find some shade as much as possible. You can still cause damage on a cloudy day! Wear a hat and never stop chugging that H2O. Your tan isn’t worth your life or even a few wrinkles 20 years down the line. You can’t have tan lines with no tan! ;)


-that’s the fresh perspective…