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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique


Here we are again, new year, new everything. Everyone’s setting new goals to make this year better than the last. I’m all for improving yourself but why do we need a change of calendar to set these goals for ourselves?

December is inevitably an intense month. We socialize, eat and spend more than we do any of time of the year. As lovely as it can be, it usually comes with a lot of extra stress, pounds and an empty bank account. What better motivation to do better? It’s understandable that January would be a time to redeem ourselves and work on feeling better.

But resolutions can come with their own set of stress. We all set these huge goals for ourselves right after we’ve indulged, instead of constantly trying to improve ourselves year round. It can be really challenging to make these big epic changes, especially after a month of indulgences.

Starting a new year can feel like the best time for a fresh start but the reality is, you’re still the same person you were December 31st. Change takes time and baby steps. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to carry through with big goals. Try setting small goals gradually that might lead to a bigger lifestyle change or personal accomplishment. Focus on a goal but aim smaller and strive to continuously chip away at each step you need to get there.

-The Fresh Perspective…

The fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

New Year, New You?

Welcome back! We've started a New Year and we want to know how you feel! There always seems to be so much pressure when a New Year starts. What types of resolutions do you make? Do you make any at all?

Some say starting the year off with high expectations or too many resolutions is setting yourself for failure or disappointment, which is a little depressing I guess. What if we make one goal. Let's ask our stylists for some inspo!

What are some of our New Year Resolutions.

Kitty: “1. More meditation 2. More self care/down time 3. Learning to say no and not feel guilty.”

Olivia: “Don’t do resolutions. If you want to change something, start now! As soon as you’re putting it off, you’re making your first excuse.”

Leah: “Start an Etsy shop!”

Niasha: “Money management! Consolidate, budget, save, invest.”

Kiah: “Sit down with Olivia so that she can show me how to properly budget and not spend all of my money on clothes.”

Danika: “Taking better care of myself, even if it feels selfish :)”

Chelsea: “Focus on self-improvement/self-care. Make monthly goals and limit technology use - live in the moment!”

Praise: “New Years are like brand new days - a chance to be better than you were the day/year before. That being said, we shouldn’t wait for the New Year to improve. Strive daily!”

Well, there you have it. Some ideas, or some advice* (*Olivia). Just don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re human, you’re great & you’ve already accomplished so much!

We are excited to be back open after some wonderful holidays. See you at the salon soon!


the fresh perspective...


Happy New Year! Countdown-to-Fabulous-Dazzling-Styles-for-New-Years-Eve

I hope you all had a great week, and spent the eve of the beginning of the year doing something that you enjoy with people you enjoy.  Here we go again, and let's make it a good one!

My New Year's resolution

I will not throw the cat out the window Or put a frog in my sister's bed I will not tie my brother's shoelaces together Nor jump from the roof of Dad's shed I shall remember my aunt's next birthday And tidy my room once a week I'll not moan at Mum's cooking (Ugh! fish fingers again!) Nor give her any more of my cheek. I will not pick my nose if I can help it I shall fold up my clothes, comb my hair, I will say please and thank you (even when I don't mean it) And never spit or shout or even swear. I shall write each day in my diary Try my hardest to be helpful at school I shall help old ladies cross roads (even if they don't want to) And when others are rude I'll stay cool. I'll go to bed with the owls and be up with the larks And close every door behind me I shall squeeze from the bottom of every toothpaste tube And stay where trouble can't find me. I shall start again, turn over a new leaf, leave my bad old ways forever shall I start them this year, or next year shall I sometime, or .....?

Robert Fisher

That's the fresh perspective...