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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique


Here we are again, new year, new everything. Everyone’s setting new goals to make this year better than the last. I’m all for improving yourself but why do we need a change of calendar to set these goals for ourselves?

December is inevitably an intense month. We socialize, eat and spend more than we do any of time of the year. As lovely as it can be, it usually comes with a lot of extra stress, pounds and an empty bank account. What better motivation to do better? It’s understandable that January would be a time to redeem ourselves and work on feeling better.

But resolutions can come with their own set of stress. We all set these huge goals for ourselves right after we’ve indulged, instead of constantly trying to improve ourselves year round. It can be really challenging to make these big epic changes, especially after a month of indulgences.

Starting a new year can feel like the best time for a fresh start but the reality is, you’re still the same person you were December 31st. Change takes time and baby steps. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to carry through with big goals. Try setting small goals gradually that might lead to a bigger lifestyle change or personal accomplishment. Focus on a goal but aim smaller and strive to continuously chip away at each step you need to get there.

-The Fresh Perspective…

The Fresh Perspective.

Freshair Boutique

How To Get Organized - Tips From A Beginner.

Let’s get real. How many times does a day end and you realize you’ve pushed the same task over to the next day, and the next day, and the next day?... Procrastination is a killer and I am a victim…But, we do it to ourselves!

Ok enough whining.

The truth is, there is plenty of time in a day. I know we all have very different commitments, expectations and jobs, but there are ways to stay on top of it all.

Tip 1 – Put Away Your Phone.


This is a no brainer. Your phone is the devil of procrastination. Always dinging and calling your name out to refresh news headlines, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever your poison is. It will all be there later, when you actually have time to decompress at the end of a busy day.

Tip 2 – Lists.

We love lists. Even if you write and re-write the same list just slightly modified, it works! It allows you to have a visual of what your daily/weekly tasks are. Plus, having a visual of crossing out accomplished items gives you a good reason to pat yourself on the back. You may see a trend in what task is always left for last. Maybe force yourself to do the most dreaded task first next time and see how you feel. Another little tip I like is to cross out tasks with a highlighter, rather than a pen. This allows you to still see what’s written and makes the accomplished item more significant.

Tip 3 – Be Realistic.

Don’t expect to meal prep for an entire year, or create a full fashion line in one evening. Set small, realistic goals. If you happen to surpass what you initially planned then HECK YA! Grab yourself a beverage and celebrate.

Tip 4 – Take A Breather.

Hey, if you have a day where you feel like you just can’t focus, allow yourself to take a break. I know for some people this isn’t an option, as we all have different expectations and demands. All I ask is that you don’t get down or beat yourself up if you have a lazy day. We’re all human and we do A LOT. Binge watch that show, eat those fries, take that nap.

FYI - while writing this post I stopped to look at my phone five times…. I’m still working on listening to my own advice. Cheers!

 - Freshair Boutique