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the fresh perspective...


Odacité Odacite-Pure-Elements-Family-Pics-dropper-right-e1384291821805Odacité is a skin care line out of France that we are thinking of carrying in the new store.  It falls in line with our philosophy and has so many great benefits for those of us who are environmentally conscious.  Any of you ever heard about it?  It's basically the best.  I sampled the balancing toner and one of the pure elements oils for three days and could not believe the results.  I will say that I am very fortunate to have decent skin, but considering this is the only face I'll have till I'm deceased, I thought that I should prepare a regime for myself.

cr fashion bookI am a Norwex cloth user and then follow up with some body lotion.  Yup, I put body lotion on my face!  It's crazy, I'm lazy...  What I've decided to do was order some full-sized products. I bought the toner and oil and added it to my regime and then added the facial moisturizer.  I'm completely pleased and satisfied, and I want everyone to try this product.  What we're going to do is get some samples in and let you guys try.  The full line is quite extensive but we are thinking of getting the oils.  There are 18 vials and each have specific purposes.

Odacite Private Collection family pictureMy question is, what's your skin regime?  How much do you spend on your facial routine?  Do spend anything?  Are you like how I used to be and don't really value the time and care spent in a skincare routine?  I urge you to think twice about your routine because, as I mentioned earlier, it's the only skin you have...  That's the fresh perspective...