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Ashlie's Aesthetic


What are the hot trends for 2016 and your nails??

Don't know what you want to do with your nails or what to expect to see on everyone else's nails?? Lots of these looks were seen on the NYFW. Some are simple and elegant others are a little bit more out there but still fun to look at  Here are 6 different trends that you have forward to seeing throughout the rest of 2016:

  1. Nude nails are in full swing for 2016. you can definitely add simple nail art on top to keep the classy look without going overboard


2. Long almond nails are the nail shape for the year. The almond shape is a feminine shape that helps elongate your fingers and appear long and elegant.

blogger-image-12670131783. Outlined Nails are an awesome nail art trend as well. Takes a steady hand to achieve this look but they look great when done.


4. Romantic Nails have a few different ways that you can interpret these... lace print over natural nails or a nude polish or small pale flowers. Stay neutral with the colours to achieve to this look.


5. Preppy nails have a couple different ways you can get the look. Keep it on the simpler side and draw on a few different sizes of lines or you can go for the full plaid look. Different colours will change up this style too!


and last but not least...

6. Graffiti-esque nails are also taking off in 2016. You can get this look by dipping a straw into coloured polish and blowing it onto your painted nails to get the splattered effect.