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Renée's Aesthetic



a nail art trend

There's no way in denying that triangles have been a huge trend in nail art. A simple shape, that can be adapted to any size of nail. I get a lot of clients who think they have ugly nails and are scared to try anything new and draw attention to them. My best suggestion: get that thought out of your heads! NO ONE has perfect nails. We all have to put in effort into keeping them well manicured for the shape they're in, so as long as you can do can have nail art. That being said, triangles are a great place to start.

Here's some inspiration...


triangle 3

triangle nail 4

triangle 2

triangle nail artRemember ladies and gents, you DO NOT have to have perfectly shaped or length of nails. Nail art can work (dependent on what sort of design) on short, long, square, rounded, pointed nails and all that in-between.

- né xo