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Renée's Aesthetic


TOP TWO: nail polish edition.

I have been using PRITI NYC nail polish for over a year now, and I can still say that I love it. Over this period of time though, I have definitely developed a few favorites. Each polish paints on differently. Factors such as consistency, type of finish (shimmer, creme, translucent), and shade can play a huge role.


Last summer as well as this summer, Lungwort has been a top favorite from customers. It made my top two for its gorgeous hue as well as its great consistency. I have not once had a complaint from this polish. It suites both young and old, tanned and fair skinned. Its a beautiful "tiffany blue," some may even consider it a mint, with a creme finish. Two coats is all you need with this one, therefore a great polish to keep on hand at home for any type of event or quick sprucing up.


My new favorite is definitely American Beauty. It is the perfect summer red. It is bright enough without going neon. Adding this pop of color on your toes will bring on the sunshine and good summer vibes. I love this one on hands as well to accessorize with any outfit (except maybe pink, ha!). This is also a color that needs only two coats, so doesn't take forever to dry. From it not being a deep and dark red, it makes it super easy to clean up around the cuticles. We all have our shaky days...

Here's one of the hairstylists nails I've done by using Lungwort as an accent color.

So there you go, my top two favorite nail polish hues of the moment. What are yours?

-né xo

priti nyc

Renée's Aesthetic



When it comes to shaping your nails, there's more options than you think.  Do you know what kind of shape you like?  Here's a great, simple photo to give you an idea...


It is always helpful to the aesthetician for you to have an idea of what you like!  Or perhaps, what your goal is.  Keep in mind the condition of your current nails and the shape they go in naturally.  A great aesthetician will guide you in the right direction or towards what would suit you best.  There's definitely phases of what's in and what isn't.  For example, stiletto/extremely long, wacky, and pointed nails have been a HUGE hit these days.  That doesn't mean we all have to rock the superstar look.  A perfectly shaped oval nail is always a classic.  Or maybe you use your hands a ton and you have great long nail beds.  In that case, maybe a nice short squoval or rounded nail is best.  Those are just a few little tips and tidbits for you to get the best shape possible.

Here are some more beauties...




- né xo