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Ashlie's Aesthetic



I'm constantly checking social media for different makeup inspiration to come up with new techniques or just something new to try. I love seeing all the different things that people are doing out there but there is one thing that always catches my attention and that's special effects makeup. It can be simple and sweet or it can be gory and intense. It's really cool to see what all the amazing artists out there come up with.



They're not your everyday look but they're equally as beautiful and amazing. Takes a nice steady hand and the right product to create these looks but the end result is so worth it. As someone who is into comic con, videogames, comic books etc... these looks always intrigue me and it's awesome to see the different looks come to life!!!


Ashlie's Aesthetic


Nail Hack

One thing I've come to love the look of is matte nails. I never really did them on myself but loved the way they looked on everyone else. There was one problem though that was brought to my attention from my clients.... it dented, marked really easy and just didn't last like other top coats did. Well I have found a solution!


Now that I have longer nails and enjoy painting them and love the look of matte nails, I had to find a way to make it last. I've experimented on a couple different colours and different types of polish as well and all have the same results! They last up until I decide to change the colour and they look just as good as the first day that I painted them. I've even tried to dent them myself by pressing one of my other nails into it, scratched them and the durability just seems better all around with my little trick!

So what you need to do is...

  1. Apply your base coat to all your nails
  2. Choose your favourite colour(s) and apply 2 coats
  3. Before I apply the matte top coat, I apply Seche Vite top coat; I've also tried different top coats to see if I could get the same results and they work. Just a preference to use Seche Vite (also the added bonus of helping your nails dry quicker is always nice)
  4. Now is when you add your choice of matte top coat over top the previous top coat


Hope this helps! Happy painting ^_^