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the fresh perspective...


WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE Time for some light reading.

I've been cutting hair for over ten years and have realized so much about myself and humans in general.  My job consists of so much talking, and laughing, and chatting, and laughing, and consulting and sighing and laughing...  You get my drift...

Whenever ladies (and gents) come in to the shop they are bound to ask how you are.  "How's your life?" "How are your children?"  "How's business?"  I tell them just exactly how I feel.  I have no shame in my chatting game.  I speak up and I speak out.  Always.  Is that a good thing?  Not necessarily...  Not everyone wants to hear what I have to say and not everyone wants to know the truth.

Sometimes folks ask, "how are you?" because it's just a phrase kind humans say.  They don't actually care what you say or want to know how you really feel.  I fall into that rut as well.  "How was work?" is my fave question, but I already have five more on deck as soon as they answer.  I know my problem is that I have a lot on/in my mind and I try to get it out in the hour that my client has paid me for.  Good?  Bad? I'm not sure...

Why do we love going to the salon so much?  Well.  We love that our hair will look nice at the end and our nails will be nicely manicured.  We love that our stylist is fashionable and sweet, we love that the shop we frequent isn't a dive.  We love a lot about the hair salon, but lets say it- WE LOVE TO CHAT/CATCH-UP!  I love to do those things and sometimes I think that I may say too much.

When I go off about my husband/family members I'm doing so to vent and to release some tension.  I speak about my everyday life and sometimes I don't take any prisoners.  I say a lot.  Maybe I say too much (I know I do say too much... I know).  Sometimes I'm honest and I may say some things that sound harsh and mean.  I'm not mean, a bit harsh, but not mean.  Then I realize that what I say might sound mean to some people.  Ahhhhh....words.

Who knew talking could be so therapeutic and yet so damaging?  The words we use everyday can change the way people experience life.  The words we use everyday are amazing and powerful.  We need to take more ownership of the words we use everyday.

That's the fresh perspective...