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AM I REALLY A WRITER? journalism-for-blogging

I was reading an article a few nights ago about how to become a better writer and tips for getting your thoughts out there via text. It suddenly hit me! AM I actually a writer? DO I actually qualify as a writer? I mean technically, I guess yes, but I never saw myself as such.

The fact is, I am. I put my thoughts and ideas down on this forum and so many people now have an ability to read what I have posted. And not just people I know, but people I don't know and people all over the world!


I'll tell you a wee secret, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a writer. I wrote one book as a young woman of 12 and attempted to start another but never quite finished... As I grew, I realized how much I loved to read and write and often wished that I could be published. Let's face it, I don't get paid to write here for all of you, but I do get to PUBLISH and that.  Is. Awesome.


I never thought that I could have my content exposed to the world and here I am. The fantastic world of the inter web has allowed all of us to become just a little bit more than what we could have dreamed. All of you that read other blogs and maintain your own should be so very proud.  Writing is a great way to express yourself, and now all of us can.

Kudos to all you writers and lovers of literature and all things text, I am honored to be part of this group!

That's it. That's the fresh perspective...