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hey boys...

Freshair Boutique

Hey boys...

Gifts for guys, how do you feel about it? Do you have a difficult time finding something original? Guys can be tricky to buy for during the holiday season, so hopefully we can help you out! Feel free to comment with some of your suggestions so we can steal some of your ideas ;)

1. Subscription box -

The gift that keeps on giving. Some of the ones that stand out to us are the dollar shave club and the sock club. Have you ever tried these?


2. A DIY gift box of his favorite things -

This allows you to get creative! Grab some local goodies, snacks, treats, movie coupons, socks, tie, skincare, gift card, shirt, his favourite beverage… I guess realistically it’s like a new take on a stocking. But hey, we’re trying!


3. Beer advent calendar -

A gift the true beer lover will appreciate so much. I did this one year and gave it on December 1st. The reaction was priceless! Such a great way for someone to try out some new beer they wouldn’t necessarily pick out themselves! Wondering where you can find a crate like this? I’ve seen them on Etsy!


4. A Stay-cation -

Take him on a stay-cation! Rather than giving each other a physical item (that you typically don’t need), take each other out on an extra special date & spend the night in a hotel!


Hopefully this helped a little bit! Let us know some of your ideas!


the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Praise Okwumabua’s go-to fancy hair styles

Hi there! I’m Praise and I’m the owner of Freshair Boutique! I’m also one of the three senior stylists that work at this shop and I have attended my fair share of fancy events and parties. While doing a little scavenging in my iPhone, (I’m a selfie connoisseur) I found some of my favorite ‘fancy do’ images.

In my opinion, what usually makes a hairstyle fancy is based on a few things. 1) Volume, 2) Stay in placeness (not a word…) and 3) Height. While I have seen many formal fashion houses and party goers rock the slick bun (no height OR volume), this look does have number 2, staying in place abilities.

So when you are styling your hair for your next fancy thang, remember my three points. Or don’t, I’m cool with whatever you’re cool with! Oh yeah, I forgot another really easy way to gussie up your hair do is to add a little something. Brooches, sparkly pins or even bow ties can really take a bland hair do to the next level!

Have a good time out there and remember to be safe!

That’s the fresh perspective…