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The fresh perspective

Freshair Boutique

So here we are again. Somehow it’s the end of 2018 and we are approaching another holiday season. It seems like the stores start promoting decorations and holiday deals earlier every year. Even though we know this is just a marketing tactic to get you to start buying gifts earlier, it can be a good reminder to get a head start on your shopping.


December can be a hectic month as it is. On top of your holiday shopping, you may have parties and get togethers which can be tiring. Squeezing some shopping into all of that can become quite stressful. Step foot into any mall after December 1st and you will see the evidence of that. Malls do not become more cheerful amongst these festivities. People. Get. Cray.


Thankfully we are now living in a world where you can do most of your shopping online in your own home. No need to stand in line or talk to a single person. You can even get your gift wrapped and shipped directly to the person you are purchasing it for. Even though we are not American, Canada seems to have embraced Black Friday as a “holiday.” The timing couldn’t be more perfect for your holiday shopping. It gives you enough time to order online and get your goods before the holidays.


Take a browse on Amazon or Etsy this week to get some inspiration for your holidays gifts. Avoid the malls at all costs if you can help it. The holidays will be here before you know it and nobody needs that extra stress this time of year!

-the fresh perspective…