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the fresh perspective...

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So this weekend is Thanksgiving! What are you doing to show your appreciation to those in your life? We thought, to help you out a bit, we could give you some ideas for topics to discuss during your dinner! What’s acceptable? What’s not? Don’t worry, we got you!

Thanksgiving Dinner Do’s:

  • Do acknowledge any small child at the gathering. Feel free to ask questions about their development to their parents (parents love talking about their kids. you cannot go wrong).

  • Do try to keep your topics on positive type things like, the tasty food and the ingredients used. Example, “Is there turmeric in this? It tastes delicious! Did you know turmeric is the new super-spice..blah, blah, blah….” FYI: turmeric IS the new super-spice. You’re welcome.

  • Do try to listen more than you speak. These days, everyone has something to say and we never really listen. Here’s your chance.

Thanksgiving Dinner Don’ts:

  • Do not bring up Donald Trump. Just don’t do it. Everyone will be in a terrible mood. Also, we’re not American…. Ha! Unless you are!

  • Do not talk about yourself too much. Sure, this may be the only time you hang around this much family but try to keep it simple. No one likes a braggart.

  • Do not get wasted! I repeat, DO NOT GET WASTED. Just get buzzed enough to let your aunties remarks about your current relationship status (single) and your waistline (expanding) slide right off your back. No one likes a lush either….

OK folks! Go forth and be thankful!! Happy Thanksgiving!

-the fresh perspective