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Renée's Aesthetic


This industry is booming.  The "nail and beauty" industry that is.  At almost every corner, on every busy street here in Winnipeg you can find either a spa or nail salon it feels like.  So what separates each business from each other?  Atmosphere, customer service, and of course a damn good treatment.


What are you looking for in your local nail salon?  I can't tell you what you want, but I can sure as heck tell you what you can expect from myself at Freshair Boutique...

First and foremost, I want you leaving ten times happier than when you came in.  I want you to have healthy, and eco-friendly options (yet we all need a little jazzy jewel/nail art once in a while, right?).  I want you to become educated about the well-being and at home maintenance of your skin, nails, hands& feet.  Open communication is key so we can achieve the best end result possible.  For example, eyebrow waxing.  This can be a tricky situation for those growing out process.  But guess what?  I'm here for ya.  Every single step of the way.  All in all, I want you to have the freshest and best experience.


I love my job and what I do.  I love the ladies I work with.  I love my clients.

I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my working days, than by being at Freshair.  You should pop in sometime, I guarantee the other lovely ladies I work with will give you something to smile about or fill you in on the most random facts on life...


To see more of my portfolio, or Freshair's, check out our Facebook page , my instagram @reneepriscille, or boss lady Praise's for a good mix @freshairboutique.

-né xo