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Flowers in your hair IMG_3528

With weddings, grads and a butt load of summer functions coming up, flowers are a natural way to change it up!  You can pin one in on the side, or fashion a nifty crown.  Any floral accent will translate to so much more.


For crowns, you'll need thin long stemmed wild flowers that are pliable and easy to twist up.  Bits of twigs and berries are a nice touch as well.  The type of event will dictate the type of flower to use to help accentuate your look.  You may not wear a flower crown as a guest to a wedding, but maybe at a gathering at the lake...  A cluster of roses may work nice in an up do for grad, but not as well to a baby shower...


The type of hair you have will also help you make a decision as to what plant you would place in your hair.  As simple as it is, it's that simple!  Light haired ladies need light weight flowers. Thick haired gals can wear any type because thicker hair can support a thicker or sturdier flower (as well as lighter types).   As you guessed, I would advise you to chat with your stylist about some fun things you could do with your hair this upcoming summer season.  Check out oak & lily sometime and see what they might recommend.  Give it a try, that's the fresh perspective...