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Rosa Chá Spring-Summer 2007 Ad Campaign 3Have you started thinking about spring yet?  I know that I have.  I am ready and waiting for the warm sun, I'm waiting for the smell of BBQ, I'm ready for tank tops.  Now that February is almost over, although we still have some more months of snow, we shouldn't forget about the status of our hair/skin/nails during the time of changing seasons. Dry_Hair

If in a few weeks you start feeling like your skin, hair or nails are acting up.  It might be because of the fact that the snow is melting and spring and summer are not too far away.  The changing of the seasons might require you to lighten up on your heavy washes and thick treatments.  The dry environment will soon change and your heavier products will be too much accompanied with the humidity.


Keep an eye on your friends (hair, skin, nails) and make sure to prepare to change your routine up by the time we're in June.  As always, now is not a bad time to talk to your stylist about the look you're wanting for the summer.  This might be a good time to set out a goal, or a loose plan for your locks.

Last week I noticed how bright it was outside at 7 am.  That can only mean one thing!  You know it, I know it... That's the fresh perspective...