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the fresh perspective...


How much is too much? How do you know when you have let yourself be overcome with 'stuff'?  During this season of giving and getting, it's a wonder we have space in our lives for the things we will be getting...


We go from shop, to boutique, to mall, looking for that perfect something to give the ones we hold the nearest and most dear to us.  We anticipate seeing their faces light up when they open their gift.  Something about that, I guess, is why we give.  But why must we give things?  Why do we fail to see that the gift of time-spent is something much more valuable?


Giving time instead of material things seems easy but let me tell you, it's harder than you think.  Even now as you read this, your mind has already traveled to all the places you need to be by the day's end.   All the things you need to accomplish before you sleep, gently nudge you through your day.  So to think that you would need to spend little or no money, but time, might be challenging.  Let's face it, it's easier to buy someone a gift than to give them four uninterrupted hours of your evening.

just chillin' with the homies...

I'd like to challenge everyone this year to maybe give time as a gift.  This holiday, begin with one or two people.  Start small because your time is valuable as well and if your family or group of close friends are many, all your time will be gone.  That's the fresh perspective...

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