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Priti NYC So as most of you know, we have a new esthetician and are now carrying this 3-free polish line out of New York called Priti NYC!  I've been using it and must give my opinion.

It doesn't stink as bad as other polishes (I know this because my husband complains when I paint my nails, and in the few times I've used it, he has said very little).  Even their soy-based polish remover has a decent scent.

This polish is available in a plethora of colors and really does the job on delivering on the shade-you-see-is-the-shade-you-get thing.  I know I'm very hard on my nails, which causes them to chip.  I don't use gloves to clean and I treat my nails like they are made of Teflon.  I polished my nails on Tuesday with LUNGWORT (a blu-ey color) and I did notice some chipping today...  I will be re-polishing this weekend and I feel like as long as I'm aware that I have polish on, maybe I'll be less harsh?  I find that the greener a product is, the less it usually performs (that is my own opinion and I'm sure some of you out there may disagree with me).

To say it again, for the month of June we are giving all you loyal peeps, and even new clients, a chance to experience our luxurious spa manicure or pedicure (complete with paraffin bath and Malie products) for the price of the regular mani/pedis.  Please call the salon for more info---204-414-9023 or 'like' us on facebook to get more details.  It's a great way to give Priti NYC polish a try.  Let us know what you think.

This polish is good, and new, and fresh, and taking Winnipeg by storm so....get ready!  That's the fresh perspective...

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