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20 Questions?


Good Morning all!  The weekend has come and gone and it's the beginning of yet, another week.  How were your days off spent?  What did you do?  What did you accomplish? Set any goals or completed them?  Ah, so many questions...

Why are questions so annoying? You know what I mean... Who are you talking to?  When are you coming back?  Where have you been?  Goodness.  Give me a break already...  The thing is, questions are quite a handy tool.  We use them to learn about things. We use them to solve problems.  They can also tell a lot about the type of individual you are.

When you're young, you use questions to learn how to communicate.  We ask why, and we want to know what simple terms and phrases mean.  When we get older, we use them to impose our will and/or dominate  a conversation.  It's almost used like a weapon, shooting out questions about everything, not really looking for an answer.

Let's try to change the dynamic of questions and use them like children or students do.  Let's use them to learn about an individual, a co-worker, a friend.  And when they answer, really listen.  Let's try to ask questions that triggers answers that will give us knowledge on something we were always curious about.

This week, I'm going to use questions to learn a bit more about the people I work with.  How are you going to use them?