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the fresh perspective...


In light of our new Esthitician and trying to equip her with the best products,  I've run into a few problems that have been making me think a lot about the performance of green products.

I wrote about ingredients and our certification on tfp in may, but I didn't cover performance.  Many of us want to use products that WORK even if they aren't great for us and now with the ability to research EVERYTHING,  we can decide to keep using harmful things or not.  I have decided for myself that maybe 'eco-beneficial' (made that one up) nail polishes aren't for me.

I've tried a few types and I am just about to give up.  It's just that because the products are staying directly on my nail bed I am a tad concerned.  I will see Renee in the next few days and she will give me a proper manicure and a proper polish and we will see.  I don't want to have to be painting my nails every two days because my water-based polish that cost me $20 doesn't stay on, whereas my $9 (3-free) bottle delivers for about 5 days before it begins to chip.

One of the company's, Scotch Naturals, added a wee disclaimer to their brand saying that when you make the switch it does take some time for your nails to adjust.  Keeping this in mind I keep on, but for those of you who have tried a 'better' polish and have noticed that it's performance was not as good as your 'regular' polish, be patient.  Take the time to think about what bothers you more and be happy with your decision even if it may mean sticking with your regular bottle.  There are other ways to eliminate toxic products from your life and if the polish you love is not the 'best', so be it!

I have not yet made up my mind.  That's the fresh perspective...