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Renée's Aesthetic



Did it also sneak up out of nowhere and tap you on the shoulder?  Don't worry, I've got a few last minute DIY gifts/decor to keep you covered.  So here are some last minute ideas that are easy as pie to surprise the one and only, or many loved friends in your life.

Valentine's Day should be about spending the time together.  So why not grab your paints and an old frame, and test out your artistic skills.  I would say that's time well spent.

I love this wrapping!  It would be absolutely perfect for any small gift or treat.  The simple touches like the heart and arrow make such an impact.

Oh. My. Goodness.  How excited would you be, if you came home to this with your favorite record playing?  I just died.  In the best way possible.

This is such a great idea for those close friends, coworkers or family members.  Mason jars are a dime a dozen, found at any old vintage shop.  Homemade treats always taste better anyway.

A handmade card is something I keep forever.  The time and effort put into making them is priceless.  Add a sweet little note, and you'll be sure to warm someone's heart.

As you can tell, Valentine's is more about the time spent and effort for me.  It is a great time of year to show how much you care about everyone around you, not only the person you may or may not be with.  Hopefully you've been inspired by, yes another "commercialized" holiday, but in a way to make it your own and special.

Here's to love, family, and friendships.

happy valentine's day everyone!