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Renée's Aesthetic



I must admit, I have a huge guilty pleasure for high-waisted bottoms and cropped tops.  Although I fear our society takes it to a whole new level, which can be not-so-flattering.  Let's embrace our bodies, have some fun but keep some class while we're at it.  Here are a few of my faves...

fancy crop


gold pants:crop

jean shorts:crop

black skirt:crop

-né xo

Renée's Aesthetic



eye-catching accessories to finish any outfit.

Spring is a great time to spruce up your wardrobe!  Not only are we wanting to switch up our outfits, aka tops & bottoms, but also the accessories.  Let's not forget about those, because frankly... sometimes they are the best part of our overall look and help tie everything together.

Here are a few personal favourites of mine to get those ideas flowing...

statement sunglasses

sunglasses 1

sunglasses 3

perfect purses

sara battaglia

platform shoes

Man oh man, I CANNOT wait for spring to arrive.

- né xo

Renée's Aesthetic



MAKEUP    l    HAIR    l    NAILS

trends for spring 2013.

Whether you're a magazine reader, or fashion blog follower (like myself)'ve probably been inundated with "top trends" for the coming spring season.  Which, is hopefully here sooner than later!  As much a "Winnipeger" as I am, I can only handle the snow for so long...

That being said, I've been searching the web day&night for some spring fashion inspiration.  Hair, makeup and nails all play an equal part in your overall look.  Here's my top two in each category.


dark glamour

Deep and rich shades, like bordeaux, on the lips seems to have be trending for a little while now.  But I am still IN LOVE with this look.  Who says we have to only wear these kind of shades in the fall?  I say we can totally carry them into spring...

going grunge

A lot of grunge makeup is softer on the face and focused on the eye.  Eyeliner is a key player, but try focusing on the lower lash line.  If you want to have it a little more subdued, use a brown liner and smudge it with some brown shadow and an angle brush.


blow-out & 90's flip

Blow-out (aka blow-dry) AND 90's flip?  Shit, this look is TOO good to be true.

short with fringe

Fun & flirty.  Chopping your hair seems to be all the rage lately.  Adding just the right fringe can give you that much needed change you've been waiting for.


subtle nail art

Sometime the tiniest little pop of colour is all you need.  Rather than doing that classic french, reverse and colour the half moon.  Contrasting colours will make it stand out even more.

mint condition

Seafoam and mint nail polishes are definitely two of my favourite colours.  A dear old friend of mine has been wearing mint for a long time now and instagrams a picture near anything else mint.  And voila, mint condition.  Actually quite genius.  Check her out @houseofelle

What are your top two?

- né xo