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the fresh perspective...



We have about 3 more months of the cold before we can look forward to the humidity, sweat, and mosquitoes!  How much more static can you take?!  With the on-and-off of toques and the constant friction of scarves, our hairs are suffering...

Cue the masques, and the treatments!  This time of year we could all benefit from extra conditioning.  Our skin, our hair, our lips, our hair, our bodies, our hair....  A deep treatment/masque might be all you need to cure your hair's thirst.  Weekly masques coupled with a treatment spray/oil can help moisturize your dry ends, and take care of the static.



Don't let the price of a treatment scare you off.  You don't need much, and if you use it properly you'll find that you'll use less of your other products as well.  You'll need less shampoo and conditioner, and probably less styling products.  Healthier hair tends to be easier and shinier and more cooperative.

For this cold season, we're offering masques as an add-on for $5 with any hair service.  And in my humble opinion, this is a great deal because treatments usually start at $15!  We want you to try one so you can see and FEEL the benefits.  Ask your stylist for any suggestions that they can give you for the dryness and static state your hair might be in.  If you come to our shop, remind your stylist that you would like to try the treatment special for this season.  Trust me, you won't regret it.  That's the fresh perspective...

the fresh perspective...


BEAUTIFYING ELIXIRS 0_0_0_0_542_244_csupload_56500190This is a new product line we've been trying for a little while. Still natural, still good for you and your hairs. Beautifying Elixirs is a unique line formulated for specifically damaged, processed or dry hair. The price point is quite high, so if your locks are healthy and shiny or if you've never colored you hair, it's not for you.

There is absolutely NO WATER in any of the products so they are quite concentrated and potent. You don't need much because a little really goes a long way. There are two shampoo and conditioner combos, a curl cream, a masque, a hairspray, a detangler/thermal spray, and the actual elixir.

Another great feature about this line is that all nine products have heat protection, UV protection and color protection. No sulphates, phthalates, parabens, or any of that yucky stuff. You just need to try.

For the month of September we would like to get you to try these products, if indeed you are a good candidate. We are selling the shampoo and you get the conditioner free. We know everyone enjoys a good BOGO....

Stay tuned for the details and if your interested come try it out! That's the fresh perspective...