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hey boys...


Today I will be in a men's cutting class all day.  The experts will be trying to teach all of the stylists in attendance the new styles for men and the newest techniques.

I must say that I had a much larger male clientele when I used to work downtown.  Now that I'm located on Academy, I feel like I have little to no male clients.  The one's I do have are great, but I always wonder about all the others I lost...

Are men more likely to go to a stylist out of pure convenience?  Is it frowned upon for a man to follow his stylist? ~I guess a man can follow his stylist because I do have a few of my male clients from the first location I worked~ I know that a lot of my male clients in the past worked downtown, and came to see me on their lunches and break times.  Very convenient indeed...

I'm hoping this class leads me to a more knowledgeable place when it comes to cutting and styling men's hair.  Maybe the skills I'll acquire will also boost up my male clientele? Just so you know boys, it's okay to go to a hair salon over a barber and these days many salons are beginning to offer the same type of services as a barber.  Straight shaves and barbering techniques are coming to salons near you...if you're into that.