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the fresh perspective...


WE'RE THREE!! I cannot believe it's been three years!  Wow!  I just want to thank everyone!  From all the staff at the shop, to all the clients that keep us coming back everyday, thanks.  I'd like to thank the bakers who make us treats, and the suppliers who bring us products.  Much gratitude to my family and my good friends.  All of our Academy neighbors should be thanked for making us feel so welcomed in the area.


I know this sounds like an acceptance speech but I don't care.  We rarely take the time to thank people and really let them know how we really feel.  This blog has been going strong for three years and I can't even begin to thank all you loyal blog followers.  Through all the shop changes, you have all been here.  Even you new followers, thanks to you as well!  Here's to many, many more!

That's the fresh perspective...