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Last night Schwarzkopf (a color company) romanced  a butt-load of hair stylists at their ASK Academy and then whisked us to a hair show at Kool Haus in Toronto.  It was BANANAS...  There was probably over 100 stylist/owners at the masquerade party and then about four to six hundred more stylists at the actual show!

'Twas fun to just let loose and be wined and dined.  I was hoping that the hair show would give me some sort of inspiration and maybe the new looks for spring would give me some ideas... No.  We got to the show late and missed a large part of Schwarzkopf's new spring collection.  We did get to see an entire hair competition though, and that was very interesting.  (my thoughts on hair competitions can be another post...)

I flew in for this event with 3 wonderful ladies and I'll say that meeting them and spending time with them was the highlight of my weekend.  We are all salon owner/stylists and between the four of us have over a hundred years of experience!!! If that doesn't inspire you then I don't know what can...

I love being around people in my profession and milking them for as much information as possible.  They were so accommodating to me and my million questions.  Two of them own salons in the city as well, and one is from Russell.  We all have different types of salons and clients but we all love what we do and we all agree on two key things:  it's all about the client and we're only as good as the staff we work with.

Thanks Buffie, Janet and Stephanie for making me feel so welcome and for making it such a fun night of laughs, hair and dancing!