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the fresh perspective...


With the holidays quickly approaching, it's sometimes hard to keep it all in perspective.  December will be upon us next week and we'll all be operating on auto pilot.  Just going through the motions to get through this time.  We shouldn't view December as a pain but, let's face it, most of us do.

There are family gatherings, shopping excursions, holiday parties and winter events happening all month and it makes it hard to appreciate December when it seems it's the busiest time of the year.  If you're in retail, your ears have probably been bombarded with Christmas songs already and I'm sure you seen a few Holiday displays around.  If you're fortunate to NOT be in retail (sorry mall workers...) you might be able to stave off the aforementioned Holiday preparations for a few more weeks.  Eventually we'll all be in it, spending, waiting, eating, laughing and crying with our friends and family alike.

This time of the year is by far my favorite because it helps to remind me about what's really important.  Spending endless hours with my children 'doing' things, chatting about the past year with my mom and mother-in-law,  getting into it with the boys about why the Bears will/won't go to the playoffs, and just being surrounded by love and life...

Regardless of what you believe in or celebrate, please try to accomplish December with a small amount of joy in your heart and laughter in your voice.  It only takes a minute to get caught up in the material-ness of the upcoming month and I urge all of you to try to remember that there are other ways to approach December.  That's the fresh perspective...

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How was your weekend?


So it's been a while and here I am posting late... Sorry for the late post.  I have no excuse, I had a very restful and relaxing weekend.  Could'a got on the computer a few times and...never did.  I've been very lazy these past few days but I think that every once in a while a little laziness is warranted...

Went to the zoo on Saturday cause it was free... It was CRAZY, cause it was free...  Later on we ordered some food and watched a UFC fight.  UFC.  So bizarre and so... I can't even describe it.  It's UFC.  'Nuff said.

Sunday was great and we chilled at the in-laws and watched the Bears game... Bears stunk it up, as per yoosh...(I know, I'm negative...)

Today is the last day before I get into the work week and to sum it up perfectly, I had a fantastic weekend.  Everything was great, except for the Bears...

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. 

~Chuck Palahniuk