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Happy New Year! Winnipeg-New-Years-Eve-Fireworks

We are starting a new year and the freshair girls and I are going to be trying out a local gym in our city this month.  I know it's so typical to start a workout regimen at this time of the year but, it is what it is.  I don't know about you, but holidays have kicked us around with baking and heavy meals.  And the cold is no better, it makes me want nothing but poutine and afternoon naps next to a fire.


So this year we are running a promotion with Strategym.  We will be going for a group workout in a few weeks and will share our experience with everyone.  If you're interested in making a fitness resolution, get in touch with us for the details.  Call 204-414-9023, email or walk into 542 A Academy Rd. and ask about the promotion with Strategym.

That's the fresh perspective...